Flo Chase – Kiss You Goodbye


Sometime in life our plans get altered and at the time it feels like the worst thing in the world and for Flo Chase he certainly would’ve felt like that when he was sent back to Australia from the US when he encountered problems with his performers VISA. Luckily though this change of plan gave him time to experience new things and eventually get the inspiration to write this track.

Kiss You Goodbye has this wonderful charm around it that makes me feel warm inside and puts a smile on my face, despite the fact that it’s technically about a break up but that’s what makes it a wonderful song. Whilst most tracks about the ending of a relationship focus on the sadness Flo Chase focuses on the positive side about how she affected him on his journey and how even though their love was brief their time together has left an everlasting footprint with him that he will happily carry through the rest of his life.

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