Evalyn – Big Bad City

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Los Angeles is filled with musical talent, everyday a new song is released from someone based there but it’s rare one artist grabs my attention quite like Evalyn has. On the 28th of September she will be releasing her EP Salvation which will explore how the seven deadly sins are actually necessary within our lives with her previous single Angels exploring the sin of Pride through Evalyn’s love of Los Angeles.

Her latest single from the EP is called Big Bad City focusing on the sin of Greed and being aboutwhat life is like in the city of angels and how it both drives you and discourages you. The track builds on what Angels started with fierce drum beats, ominous atmosphere, high flying vocals, a soaring chorus that launches you into the heavens along with an echo added to the vocals that gives the build up to the chorus that extra pump. Evalyn’s Salvation EP looks set to be one that puts her on the Pop map as a force to be reckoned with.

“Salvation came from playing with the idea that the seven deadly sins are actually necessary to our lives. I think lust is important and pride is important, and it’s the shame surrounding them that should be broken down. I was thinking a lot about how there’s an aspect of cultiness to religion, and how people in cults are usually pursuing a hope of something better. It’s about asking, Why do we worship what we worship, and why do we follow what we follow?” – Evalyn


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