Ryan Beatty – Calico

One artist who’s setting the pop world alight right now is Ryan Beatty. The prospect of this young songwriter has been discussed for a while, with his sweet toned voice, natural stage presence, and ability to pen introspective pieces of pop, have fans and music lovers enthralled. He’s dropped two albums over the years, each building upon where he left off, but its in his third Calico where we begin to see the makings of a pop icon.

This project isn’t one of those for the happy hearted, it’s instead aimed at those going through rough periods of their life. Designed to let them feel comforted in their emotions, letting them pour out as he croons over a delicate production, before they find that spark of hope that he brings, letting them rise from the ashes like a phoenix. That is one Calico is for, it’s an introspective project where his darkest hour, helps those going through their’s.

Following in the foot steps of the lead single Ribbons, Beatty’s highlight tracks Little Faith, Hunter, Bright Red, and Andromeda are designed to be tearjerkers. All caressing you with their tenderly penned melodies before a wave of cascading emotion pours over you, letting you experience catharsis in its purest form.

This is Ryan Beatty’s shining moment, the moment where he showed everyone his true artistic prowess.

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