If you’re looking for a rapper with a fervent delivery, quick-witted lyrics, a knack for storytelling that pushes the good in the world (along with social justice,) and creates music with stupidly high replay value, The Adoni is here. The New Orleans native found his passion for music at a young age, creating beats for the fun of it, and soon began writing, rapping, and producing his own material. Now he’s performed at multiple live venues across the country, dropped three EPs that have no skips, been apart of a Grammy Camp, and he’s barely even touched his thirst for creative endeavours.

Today however, instead of focusing on the future he has laid out ahead of him, he nods back to his past and remembers where all this began and his first big step, leaving his small town. He doesn’t mince his words in SPRING OR SPRUNG, eloquently threading together a narrative of transferring from a small town dream, into a big city reality. His precocious use of words describes the shift in routine, going from having no resources around you to having an abundance that can help you. There’s also a plethora of distractions that he touches on too, not masking the troubles he faces within his new city either. He does this all whilst a compelling beat plays on, grounding the story and making this a unskippable piece of music.

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