Cam Kahin – Try Again

One part surf rock sound that wouldn’t feel too out of place of the opening scenes of The Shallows, one part The Vaccines during their early years of UK domination, and one final part channeling the post punk revolution we’re seeing currently. That is how I’d describe Cam Kahin’s latest single.

Best listened to in a 2006 Nissan Altima whilst smoking some weed (Kahin’s words not mine), Try Again is one viral moment on TikTok away from being in every single Netflix Teen movie they have. The driving guitars create sense of buzz, making you want to jump in the car and drive for hours on end without knowing where you’re going to, just wanting the thrill of an adventure. There’s an underlying angst coming through his raw vocal too, occasionally entering scream territory that makes screaming along to it a blast. The drums help this feeling even further, keeping the energy at high octane levels that make you never want to stop living to the fullest.

By the time the track ends, all you want to do is go back and listen to it, over and over and over again.

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