Juniper – Used to This

Coming through with a sound reinvention yet again, Juniper seeks to start off their next four song run on a high note. In another notable feat, the group has managed to eclipse 175,000 monthly listeners with only dropping one single in the past year. 

This time around, Used To This plays the role of a single that carries more intense emotions than you would think on your first listen. The song feels as if it could be another chill indie anthem, yet at the same time, it is a call into the abyss for wanting change and to feel something again. Juniper made Used To This during pandemic times, and it carries a wave of nostalgia that fits beautifully within the transition of seasons that we are (hopefully) soon to enter. 

The message is brought to life through distant and reverberating vocals, and the emotion is brought to a head through the build that we hear with the pair of instrumental solos; taking shape to represent the cloud of emotions that comes when we get so overwhelmed that we can’t see an end in sight. To finish off the track, we are welcomed in with a silence that clearly seeks to leave us with a sense of hope and optimism for what’s to come. 

Used To This delivers a sound that the band has been searching for over the years, and is one to keep an eye on as they gear up for more releases coming in the near future.

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