Colaine – SUCKS TO BE YOU!

Did Colaine just create the best revenge anthem, SUCKS TO BE YOU, following a break up?

So many feelings and emotions run through someone’s body following a break up, some of the stages most commonly felt during this period are: sadness, confusion, and loneliness. Once all these feelings have passed, you may find yourself looking for revenge. If this is the case, we’ve found the perfect revenge anthem for you.

Colaine is a 22 year old pop artist based in Nashville, TN. She shared that the creation of this track is based on finding a friendship with a woman that according to all laws of misogyny you should hate. She also said “The song is about the realization that the man who hurt you is the one who ends up alone, while also being a celebration of realizing you dodged a bullet and gained a friend.”

While this track gives off major payback energy, the lyrics show a much deeper message to be learned. While the ending of a relationship can be tough on anyone Colaine was able to turn this negative situation into a positive one by gaining a friendship in someone she would not have made friends with otherwise.

Colaine really took advantage of this situation and was able to turn it into an absolutely killer track! I truly believe this is only the beginning for her and cannot wait to see what else is in store for us.

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