David Alexander – Dancing Alone

David Alexander returns with what is shaping up to be his trademark sound so far in his career; a mixture of electronic production, partnered with heart wrenching visuals that are built through intricate and vulnerable lyricism. 

For those who are new to David Alexander’s music he has released seven songs in total, and recently took a step to commit even further to creating a refined vision of what he wants his music to be. David kickstarted that process by deciding to take a year off from school to focus on making music for himself, and also by making music with others. He has collaborated on breakout songs like WYD Now? by Sadie Jean, as well as a string of work he’s done with artists like Aimee Vant that are yet to come out. 

With all of that under his belt as a collaborator, he is back with his latest offering, Dancing Alone; and the track is a cry for the person he is in love with to not move on. While he wants nothing more than for her to be happy, he can’t stand the thought of her doing the things they would do together with someone else. He is hopelessly torn in the way he feels with every lyric juxtaposing the next, wishing her to still be dancing, but at the same time wishing for her to be dancing alone. He has been teasing this track for a little while now, and with this one David has really managed to bring to life the realness of what it feels like moving on from the last person you loved.

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