As of late the Australia musician Blake Rose has really been emerging as one of biggest names to watch in the pop music world. He’s already established himself as a future hit writer with his previous singles Lost and Hotel Room each having a fantastic production and infectious melodies that make this artist really stand out.

Best Of Me is Rose’s most personal track to date with it exploring his personal experience with watching someone so close to him struggle with drug addiction in and the heartbreaking effects it had on others around him through his honest and poignant lyrics. Rose said to us that he, “wanted to give people a snapshot into what that feels like and how devastating it is to watch.” The anthemic production really helps increase the emotional tension of the song with the pumping guitars slowly building as a percussion section gets layered on top at the climax of the chorus with Rose’s soaring vocal gliding over the top as well as being filled to the brim with emotion.

Blake Rose truly is a pop star in the making with his songwriting ability being second to none and you can really see that in Best Of Me. He approaches a difficult subject in an honest and personal way that makes you really believe every word he sings. Well worth keeping an eye on him.


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