The Isle of White might be small in size but it is massive in terms of talent with the likes of Lauran Hibberd consistently releasing high quality music. What I love about Hibberd though that separates her from other artists is that her music always contains incredibly witty lyrics, an infectious energy and large amounts of charisma that make the songs she crafts so easily enjoyable. Just look at her previous single Sugar Daddy as an example.

In her latest single Hoochie, brilliant name I have to say, is a tongue in cheek rock anthem that was made to be played in front of huge stadiums. Filled with high energy guitars and a toe tappingly good percussion section the production really helps amplify the fun nature of the Hibberd’s amusing lyrics. However the actual meaning behind the track is anything but fun, it actually focuses on a toxic relationship and how important it is to get rid of that negativity in her life, which is the perfect juxtaposition for the fun nature of the rest of the track.

Speaking about the track Hibberd has this to say, “Hoochie is a 90’s slang term for a bit of a ‘loose’ woman. It’s also the name of my new hamster. For me, this track is kind of that three-month period, after you’ve stopped hanging out with someone and you realise that actually, they were kind of a tool, and that maybe you are alright. I think there’s a confidence in this track lyrically that I’m yet to filter through to my actual life. I’m looking forward to that happening.”

Lauran Hibberd knows how to make good modern grunge rock with a humorous edge that is somewhat reminiscent of Madness and Hoochie is the perfect example of this. Catch Lauran Hibberd live at Glastonbury later this year!


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