I’ve said it ever since their debut single, Delta Rae are one of the best bands, both in and out of the country music scene, around right now. Every single track they release is different, exciting and simply intoxicating to listen to, if you need any proof just listen their previous singles such as the emotionally enthralling Do You Ever Dream or the empowering Hands Dirty. If need further proof then their latest single is right here for that.

Heart Won’t Break feels very classic country mixed with some contemporary pop influences with the production featuring a jubilant guitar melody with a laidback percussion section backing it as the bands vocals glide effortlessly over the top. Lyrically the track is pure poetry with the band managing to really hone in on that feeling of heartbreak with non being a better example than, “Well you can turn the pages of my story babe / but you can’t tell me how it ends / Cause my heart won’t break the way you want.” The vocals are sublime, as per usual, with the bands honey drizzled voices all coming together to create a celestial sound that always manages to send shivers down my spine.

This band are one of the best out there, Delta Rae just know how to create good country music filled with emotion and Heart Won’t Break is proof of that. That never disappoint and they always create long lasting music.


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