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It’s a real shame that Game Of Thrones has just come back because Ellia Clarke’s latest single feels like it could’ve easily been featured in the soundtrack. Actually I could easily see it being featured in Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit as well because this track just transports you to a brand new world where the ominous production is the setting and her celestial vocal is your guide.

The Mirrored Glass can only be described as hauntingly beautiful with a foreboding production filled with ominous drum beats, a cascading piano and Celtic violin melodies that build a world around you. Then you’ve got Clarke’s heavenly vocal that cuts through the darkness to show us light as she paints an vivid in your head through her poignant lyrics and theatrical nature. Combine all of that with a dramatic and emotionally enthralling music video and you’ve got something quite special there.

An empyrean track that manages to send chills down your spine, yes Ellia Clarke’s latest single The Mirrored Glass is simply divine. A ethereal treat for your ears to behold.


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