Gold x IYVES cover art.jpg

Sometimes when you’re listening to music do you ever just wish you could go back in time, forget you’d ever heard it and listen to the song for the first time again so you can fully experience that spectacular moment of wonder, surprise and amazement again. Well I really wish I could do that with IYVES’s grand return that can only be described a dramatic and theatrical masterpiece.

Gold focuses on finding someone makes you feel like you’re walking on air, they make you feel things you’ve never felt before and you never believed this was possible. The track demonstrates this through a low key beginning filed with skepticism and mystery before realising how special and grand this feeling is with the production growing into a cacophony of beauty. IYVES’s vocals are enthralling with her being able to hit these incredible highs and dizzying lows throughout the track that help you experience this full range of emotions with her and even feel a bit hot under the collar. It’s just captivating.

IYVES has managed to make a grand entrance into 2019 with Gold being a mesmerising piece of music that has me begging for more. With a sensational build up and theatrical vocal reminiscent of Florence Welch, this is a song you need to hear.


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