Mik Ivy – Crushed Velvet

Perfect for driving along the coast in the middle of the summer heat with the windows down and wind blowing through your hair, Mik Ivy has crafted an anthem for the youth of this world this summer. Crushed Velvet instantly screams summer, from the thumping bassline shooting us forward into the unknown to the groove driven guitar melodies that dance like sun rays across our skin, it’s a summer anthem in the making. You close your eyes and you’re instantly taken to a tropical paradise, sun beating down on your, palm trees swaying in the breeze, waves crashing down on the sand, all that is communicated through this simply scintillating soundscape. Include a deep vocal reminiscent of The Vaccines with an animal magnetism surrounding it and air of glam rock mystique, it becomes clear this is a summer bop for all to enjoy.

Hop in your car, drive down to the beach and blast this out of your speakers with a group of your closest friends! This is a track that was made for us to make memories with, what’s not to love?

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