Maddie Zahm – You Might Not Like Her


This song is a gift to every person that grew up in a religious home. Maddie Zahm’s music has always been authentic, never masquerading as someone else who’s life is a dream that would belong in a feature film but instead bares her soul to us through her unfiltered songwriting. You see the tough parts of her life, the moments where she questions her relationship with her body, her struggle with feeling like she doesn’t deserve love, her relationship with religion and even her coming to terms with her own sexuality. No stone is unturned. Today though we see her tackle all that and more with You Might Not Like Her showcasing a new raw vulnerability unprecedented within writing and an undeniable resilience to rise up again like a phoenix to ignite a flame so bright that it leaves us all in awe.

The poignant lyrics are something straight out of a climatic emotional moment during a Tony award winning musical with cathartic release they carry. The storytelling is heartfelt, real and you can see it all unfold before your very eyes as the emotion builds and punches you right in the gut. Evocative in every way imaginable, her vocal prowess will leave you floored as her impactful narrative tugs at your heartstrings and makes you want to sob uncontrollably. It’s a healing single in more ways than I can possibly describe and is perfect to help you find yourself during this pride month.

“‘You Might Not Like Her’ was the easiest song I wrote on the EP. Most of my past work has been about my relationships with other people & never about my relationship with myself. This was the first time I allowed myself to be truly vulnerable in my music and it kickstarted my project. It means the world to me because it’s how I came out to myself and my family.”

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