Buppy. – Down&Low

I’ve sung my praises for Buppy. so much that right now I’m fairly certain my neighbours have fallen head over heels for his addictive hooks, I know this because one of them was genuinely singing Cold Nights In Hollywood literally a week ago. The artist hasn’t missed a beat, consistently unleashing singles that are chart toppers in the making, I’m fairly certain Post Malone is kicking himself right now because he didn’t a Buppy. co-written single as his comeback track. With all this praise I’ve given him then it should be no surprise that his latest drop today is another scorching hot single to had to his already fired up discography.

Displaying his vulnerabilities in a way that will leave you reaching for the tissues like you were watching The Notebook, Down&Low is his most evocative single to date as it details his dad leaving his family at a young age. His lyrics are raw as can be, vividly detailing his pain in such a way that it’s almost like you’re witnessing a live re-enactment of this terrible moment, “Hiding from my pain, I’ll erase the scars. I’m soft.” The song’s production reflects the emotion perfectly, building from a looping beat that propels the single forward, all before ending with a cacophony of synths that reflect the thoughts running through his head as he relives this ordeal. Jaw-dropping stuff.

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