Tj Loft – this is not my idea of a party

The Australian wunderkind Tj Loft never fails to impress with his sonic gifts to us. His sound is rather impossible to describe, I say this because he adores experimenting with genres and you can see it through each track he drops. Hip hop, punk, anti pop, whatever genre catches eye he becomes fascinated with and figures out how to blend it into his already eclectic sonic world to give his message the best chance of making an everlasting impact with the listener. He always keeps you on your toes, never knowing what you’re going to get next, but there’s always his signature flair that comes from his passionate vocal performance that makes all these shifting soundscapes still feel as one.

This is not my idea of a party is another anthem that will be added to his ever growing collection of stellar tracks. The chorus features has a cataclysmic bassline that surges through your body along with a set of booming drum hits that only add to this pulsating rhythm that’s hard to ignore. His expressive lyrics that are written like pure unfiltered thoughts are delivered with expert precision by his brooding vocal, forming a collision with the instrumentals that is a mesmerising wonder to behold. This might not be Loft’s idea of a party, but every time he drops a track I know that I want to celebrate like it’s one.

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