Richie Quake – Cherry Red


Numbness is something we all experience at some point in our life. Our life becomes mundane as we find ourselves consistently doing the same arduous job day in and day out, leading to us feeling empty inside and an inability to feel anything. We didn’t even notice as well because it happened so slowly over time. We search for something that makes us feel something again and, when it comes to feeling alive, sometimes it’s better to feel pain than nothing at all. That’s a question that the New York songwriter Richie Quake asks us within his latest single. Showcasing the glamorisation that’s happened these thrill-seeking joy ride and the damage they can deliver to us in the process.

Using metaphorical lyrics to get his message across, Cherry Red is another glistening piece of music that is, quite literally, the cherry on top of Quake’s discography. Chaotic guitars mash with bombastic drums to cause a juxtaposing cacophony of euphony, all whilst his fervent vocal splits in-between the pair to let his message shine through. This is here to soundtrack your rebellious moments where you take life by the scruff of the neck and choose to do something you know could hurt, but is more than worth it just to feel that thrill once again. Quake will have countless people quaking in their boots with the talent he often puts on display.

“’Cherry Red’ is the personification of everything that makes me feel alive but also is killing me at the same time,” Richie said on the single. “These things in life that destroy me can make my heart surge because of the pure power they have over my mind. The sensual and sweet beauty of a glimmering cherry, the raw power of a glistening motorcycle roaring full speed ahead ready to tear me apart. They both represent the glamorisation and addiction to chaos and self-destruction. When it comes to the feeling of being alive verses being numb, sometimes it feels better to feel the pain than nothing at all.”

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