re6ce – vampire


It becomes quite evident after one listen to vampire that the 16 year old British teenager re6ce has mastered the art of juxtaposition within his music. Contrasting his rather uplifting soundscape of jangled feel-good guitars riffs reminiscent of surf-rock and a looping drum that gets your foot tapping in no time at all, the lyrics go into slightly darker territory. This divergence leads to a single is the unique polymerisation of shimmering summer anthems reminiscent of California surf-culture and emotionally torrent alternative rock tracks that are used to soundtrack the somber moments of our teenage adolescence. On top of that it also has ridiculously high replay value. Each time the track ends I find myself consistently going back to listen to it again, finding little nuances along the way that make me love it even more.

Having dived into this young artist’s discography I can solemnly say that he’s the real deal. He’s got some raw talent that has been showcased unwaveringly throughout his musical journey. Definitely an artist you’ll want to keep an eye on.

re6ce ยท vampire

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