Freddie Lewis – Coca Cola

Graduating from university can often leave you feeling a whole raft of different emotions. There’s the joy woo-hoo we did it we finally graduated after all the hard work, the sadness of leaving so many close friends behind whilst entering your full time adult working life and the uncertainty of what will happen next and where you will inevitability end up. It’s quite a difficult thing to go through, but all that struggle and emotion is wrapped up perfectly in Freddie Lewis’ latest track. It will also likely have you whimsically looking back at your time in university with a somber smile and a single happy tear rolling down your face.

Coca Cola is a single you have to pay attention to lyrically. I say this because the lyrics are unfiltered, diary like thoughts that are able to reflect on the bittersweet feelings rushing through you during the final few months of your university life. The nighttime escapades of going out until the early hours of the morning, skipping your lecture to recover from the hangover and stealing a cone to have as a decoration in your flat, all come to an end. However there’s a hopefully sadness that comes from this all with the idea that you’ll see your friends more than you hoped, your life will still be filled with wonder and, who know’s, maybe there’ll still be time for that late night run to the local kebab shop on a Friday night. This is a track that’s perfect for your main character coming of age A24 movie moment.

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