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Luke Friend goes in a new musical direction with his latest single “L I A R”


Ever since I saw him win Teenstar ins 2013 I’ve been a fan and fully supported UK artist Luke Friend. With every single track he’s released he’s always managed to craft the songs into something that can be both heartfelt and uplifting. His last single Hole in My Heart is the perfect example of this with the stirring chorus and touching vocals, it had Luke Friend written all over it.

In his latest single L I A R however he has changed his sound to something more electronic that took me, and a lot of fans, by surprise in a monumental way. Friend’s raw raspy vocals over the clean cut electronic production creates a unique dynamic that allows both to shine. The lyrics are some of the best he has ever written and, as per usual, his vocal emotively connects with them to enhance their meaning even further.

He’s one of these artists I will never get tired of hearing from and his developing sound may have put off a few fans, I’m sure he’ll gain them back though as he tours with the 10th anniversary cast of American Idiot: The Musical in 2019 and releases more stellar music. I think it’s safe to say however that Luke Friend is back with a vengeance.

Connect with Luke Friend: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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