Gia Darcy – Falling Behind

Gia Darcy certainly captures a listener’s attention straight off the bat. With instant emotion heard in the intro, ‘Falling Behind’ offers a perfect representation of confident yet self-aware pop. Through honest songwriting, Gia is without a question an artist to keep an eye on.

This recent piece by Gia details the beginning of a journey of self-realisation; yet conveys a struggle with also wanting to search for a love that is true and pure. Gia expresses the irony of being so caught up in finding love, it forces her to be self-aware, clearly heard in the bridge “Why am I so in my head about it, I know someday it will all work out and, I’ll look back and laugh about it”. The key message being reiterated in this song is “falling in love and falling behind”, meaning Gia’s constant fantasising about an object of attraction has ceased all efforts in her peregrination of self-love. These infectious melodies have truly allowed Gia to compose such a powerful anthem for young girls, as can be heard by anyone. Being honest about the reality of making a romantic connection is so important for young adults to hear. Executed beautifully, I expect to hear more of this in Gia’s music.

A powerful piece comparable to pop queens such as Julia Micheals, Halsey and Amy Shark, Gia’s ‘no wrong no right’ pneuma keeps you engaged as if she was singing about your own experiences. This is Gia’s best song to date, and I am eager to see what’s next for her.

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