Holland Parker – Is It Real

Huntington Beach native Holland Parker finds that sweet spot between melancholy and warm adoration within his debut Is It Real. His lyrics are his own personal journal as he opens up and confesses his feelings to you, freely unleashing his unfiltered thoughts through a flurry of expressive musings, questioning whether the adoration you confessed to him was real to begin with. His tender vocal reveals the thoughts running through his mind, bringing us into his emotionally intoxicating world, allowing us to see the pain and sadness within this love that turned his sepia-toned world in one filled with vibrant colour. There’s even a sense of nostalgia thrown into the mix with the use of a classic Hollywood movie sample, discussing the wonders of love whilst Parker earnestly croons about his past relationship.

With a lullaby styled acoustic guitar plucking pattern leading the production and a subtle trap beat backing it, you’re immediately brought into the intimate soundscape. The melancholia is radiates from the heartfelt atmosphere but there’s a bittersweet feeling that floats through the air, yes he’s singing about the heartbreak he’s experiencing but the soft lulls of happiness, that come from the lo-fi movie sample, making you feel like there is someone out there for you. Beautifully saudade, this debut showcases everything that makes Holland Parker a true talent to watch.

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