The Adoni – Circle Small

If you’ve ever needed a mantra to help you keep a close circle of friends rather than a small army of acquaintances, then be sure to listen to The Adoni’s latest drop. Circle Small, like the title suggests, is about not letting the haters surrounding you slip through the cracks and end up being someone you find yourself tight with. Instead he openly encourages you to keep your close friends in the loop, keep them tight with you and shove away any bystanders who try to bring you down into the void of irrelevancy in your eyes. This alt hip hop track features a slick hook, that I’ll now probably be saying to myself in the mirror most mornings, as well as a simple yet impactful production that gets your head bopping to the bass driven beat and body swaying along with the melodies. With enticing lyrics to tie it all together in a nice bow, it’s easy to see why The Adoni keeps himself so level headed with the friends he keeps around him.

At 23 this artist is hitting his stride, finding that sweet spot that allows him to bring new life to the alternative hip hop scene whilst still maintaining a high level of composure and craftmanship. This New Orleans producer has got that special spark.

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