REMSEN is one of those artists who you simply cannot categorise under one genre because of how eclectic his sound is. Taking influences from a wide range of genres, the 20 year old set out to bring a new sound to the Toronto scene whilst simultaneously showing the world the new Toronto sound and, judging by his latest release, he’s certainly doing just that. FIVE is impactful from the get, wasting no time in making sure you’re captivated by a sonic display of a huge magnitude that will leave you reeling from the creativity from this future juggernaut. The Lyrics? Top notch in every way, managing to tell a story that you become fascinated by. The audio? Pristine, not a beat is out of place and the mixing only helps elevate his lyrical storytelling. The vocal? Speaks for itself, with the distorted effect perfectly creating a slicing contrast between it and the production to make the lyrics pack an even greater punch.

Combine everything with a stellar visual with a glorious colour palette and I think it’s safe to say that REMSEN is certainly representing Toronto in wondrous fashion here today and I doubt he’s going to stop doing that anytime soon.


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