Meezy<3 & Vaelin - take a breath

I’ve sung my praises for the hyper pop community more times than I care to think simply because of how tight they are as a collective. You see a plethora of collaborations week in and week out between artists who, sometimes, have only known each other for about two weeks and live on opposite sides of the world. Whilst most genre lead communities feel more like estranged families the hyper pop one is the equivalent of a Cheaper by the Dozen family reunion, may not have seen each other before but you still get on like a house on fire. That statement continues to ring true today with Meezy<3 and Vaelin dropping their slick collaboration take a breath.

Both artists have been known to inject a touch of pop punk with their soundscape, so when you put them together and include their raw vocal performances melting into one fervent display, you know it’s going to be good. The production features hard-hitting beats with flourishing electronics blossoming around them, creating a chaotic backdrop that amplifies their emotive vocals ten-fold. It’s a refreshing fusion of earl 2000’s angst with the digital age we’re now entering.

Must Read