Willy P & Peter Kuli – No Ceiling ft Buppy.

Willy P’s latest single ‘No Ceiling’ challenges self-doubt with a celebration of life in an innovative yet fitting indie-dance track. The collaboration with producer Peter Kuli and melodic indie-rapper Buppy has presented to us a warm, accordant marriage between an emo-rap vocal performance and the instrumentation of a Dayglow or Cosmo’s Midnight track. Personally, nothing excites me more than when an artist blurs the lines between genres, as Willy has deftly executed here, and even better when they concurrently give compelling messages on emancipating our art from our own biggest critiques, ourselves.

The melodic rap vocal delivery Willy shows on the track sits somewhere between a young slick Mac Miller and a more emo-inspired Lil Peep performance, most evident by the infatuating chorus throughout. Willy’s age of only 22 highlights the exciting potential for what future records will be sounding like and the range of possibilities for his vocal performance. Pair this with the lively instrumental and fruity synths, and you have a track that sounds as though it’s demanding to be added to your summer playlists. The bright indie-dance beat surprisingly compliments both artists, with featuring rapper Buppy matching Willy’s vibe whilst boosting the energy of the track and adding enjoyable variety to the vocals.

Given Willy’s solid track record with singles like ‘Track Star’ and ‘Day By Day’, this is a promising sign of more to come from this fresh Indie Rapper from Cleveland, Ohio.

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