Mild Monk – Midnight Disco


Mild Monk invites you to the Midnight Disco. Mild Monk, the musical endeavour of Asian American singer-songwriter, producer and lover of playlist curation Henry Stein, shares his latest single ‘Midnight Disco’. Mild Monk has an irresistibility to his music that when questioned is quite hard to pin down to one contributing factor. So, I have decided that it is everything that makes Mild Monk – Mild Monk. Lyrically, Henry crafts these quirky yet vulnerable lyrics as highlighted in ‘Midnight Disco’, a record about leaving his worries and fears behind him while learning “To be unafraid of what they think of me/If we go out to the midnight disco.” Sonically, Henry has an ability to take listeners away from their physical environment, transforming them to a warmer, sunnier and overall, more relaxed state of mind. The addition of the wooden agogo sure helps with the mood. ‘Midnight Disco’ is introduced by an infectious summery guitar lead line that makes one feel as though they are on a tropical beach or watching a SpongeBob episode, of which either are fine by me. Henry eases us with his ‘sha la la las’ Beach Boy-inspired backing vocals in the chorus section giving a call and response to his chorus hook where he asks his lover to “Just stay for the night/And stay until the morning time.”  And last but not least the artwork. The artwork to ‘Midnight Disco’ presents us with an adorable image of a much younger Henry dressed up in traditional Asian clothing. Who knows, perhaps this would be his desired attire for a midnight disco. A cross between Mac Demarco and Canadian indie-pop band Monsune, Mild Monk delivers yet again a soothing record that not only displays his eclectic sonic palette but his captivating vocal tone as well, leaving listeners searching for more.  

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