Yueku – Second Best


Yueku’s dreamy brand of bedroom pop is the type of thing that is perfect for late night drives where you want to be left alone with your thoughts. Experiencing euphoric highs as you think about how far you’ve come since you first arrived in your new home city, going through desolating lows that come about through your inner saboteur consistently making you think you’re useless, his soundscape tackles a wide variety of human emotion. With Second Best it’s about being that third friend who’s pushed to the back on the sidewalk, the person who’s inches away from their love but ends up seeing them snatched away at the last second and just never feeling enough. His heartfelt lucid electro pop soundscape is reminiscent of LANY, meaning that after one listen you’ll be scrambling around your house for tissues as his melancholia inducing vocal bares all his heartbreak out on the table for you to find solace within. Whilst the morose lyrics wrap themselves around you the vibrant melodies fill the space with colour, finding the joy within heartbreak where you know better days will soon arrive. Even if the world seems barren right now. He might feel second best, but this will certainly be a number one for someone out there.

His debut EP Catch Me If You Can is filled with gems like this and will certainly be able to soundtrack whatever heartbreak you’re going through right now. Yueku, a Detroit native who’s music is like a 90’s rom-com soundtrack was brought into the modern era with Frank Ocean and LANY collaborating on the project.

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