Kaisha – Blue Skies

Taking the iconic sound of 90’s R&B and viewing it through a futuristic neo-soul lens with a jazz undertone reminiscent of melodies you’d expect to hear at a modern speakeasy, Malaysian born and bred musician Kaisha certainly knows how to craft velvety smooth sonic experiences. Sweet as honey, the lush tone of her vocal is sublime as her production leaves you feeling weightless as the dreamy melodies gently pull you into her world and make you feel utterly divine. Euphoric from the get go, Blue Skies is as warm as Britain on a summers day as her dazzling sound glistens and sparkles with her array of spellbinding melodies that make us feel like we’ve got sun rays dancing across our skin. Yes, although winter has arrived and left us all with seasonal depression with the morose weather, Kaisha makes us feel like we’re back at the height of summer where the good times are flowing and the mood has been lifted to an all time hight. Full of optimism and this wistful wonder, I can see nothing but blue skies for Kaisha’s future.

Based in Brighton, her sonic horizons have been consistently expanding and her musicality has gone from strength to strength. The UK’s R&B scene keeps getting better and better when you’ve got artists like Kaisha exposing the world to her raw, talented prowess.

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