With music like TOPDOWN, we don’t even have to try to have a good time because the joy comes out like the ice cooler filled with beers on a scorching summers day. One listen to Lukey, BABYBOYBLUE and Rish’s collaboration and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear like kid who’s just been gifted a whole store’s worth of toys or Lorde when Pitchfork bumped up her album score. The heat radiating from this track is enough to rival the sun as the warm, inviting melodies wrap themselves around you in a euphoric embrace and get your foot tapping to the groove before your body soon follows. As the title suggests this is perfect for blasting out with the top down as you drive down the coast with the sun beating down on you, with a group of your closest friends in the back belting out every word as if their whole life depended on it. Is there a deep meaningful message at its core that will stick with you? No, but that’s the beauty of this song. It’s used to create memories of your own with it soundtracking the moment, meaning as life moves on at a million miles a minute, one listen to this track will bring back summer memories worth their weight in gold.

Each of these artists has something special about their sound and they’ve managed to interweave it into one addictive sonic moment. Fun, buoyant, energetic and filled to the brim with charisma that Bruno Mars would be jealous of, this is a winter summer anthem that I’ll have blaring on repeat for weeks to come.

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