Jordana – Push Me Away ft. Magdalena Bay


There’s this whole theory about how we’re all living in a simulation, like the Matrix, created my superior beings… well if that is true Jordana’s latest single with Magdalena Bay is the type of thing I’d expect to hear when I’ve taken the red pill. These two artists are the perfect collaborators, both taking individual elements from each others sounds before fusing them together in a glitch filled power pop heavy fantasy of epic proportions that has us begging for more. Heck even the music video is as weird and wonderful as their sound with it featuring a bass guitar that can shoot lasers, kind of disappointed mine doesn’t now, and 80’s influenced special effects that is NFT worthy.

Push Me Away is an addictive number all around with the throbbing bass contrasting the quirkily toned vocals of the pair croon about the push pull dynamic of a friendship in a conscious stream of thought as they build to a grunge filled finale that us screaming for more. This is one of those collaborations where you need a full album of the pair to just create intoxicating track after intoxicating track because individually they’re superstars, but together they’re iconic.

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