808vic – lived to love


One listen to the soothing acoustic guitars, with a lovelorn sensibility, and the calm yet refreshing vocal, that doesn’t blow any bells or whistles and instead remains at a simple yet mesmerising pace, of 808vic’s latest release lived to love and I was hooked. From the visuals of the music video to the heartfelt narrative he’s crafted, this vibrant world is filled with wonder that makes you never want to leave. Each note is sublime, nothing ever feels out of place as the glistening melodies gently pull you along to bare witness to the romanticism his lyrics bring. As the story unfolds, you begin to feel the butterflies flutter in your stomach as you cast your mind back to lovers past before the eventual downfall, however this isn’t a heartbreak anthem as you might think. This is a recovery anthem with empowering lyrics of 808vic confessing how he wouldn’t do anything differently as he croons the compelling phrase, “Made my way / Saved my soul / Can’t be slain / After pain I still remain / Lived to love another day.” The vibrant soundscape contrasted by the somber lyrics with the slight optimism they bring, London’s very own 808vic has left me speechless and truly in awe of his talent.

Visually stunning, sonically enchanting and an all around outstanding affair, if you love this track then dive head first into 808vic’s brilliant bag catalogue of enthralling music. Each track offers something new and will, like he has here, leave you excited for what he’s going to do next.

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