Jillian Rossi – Hurt Again

Jillian Rossi and heart-wrenching pop anthems go hand in hand like cookies & cream, Bonnie & Clyde, Woody & Buzz, basically every single iconic duo that’s ever existed. Past releases have had the emotionally devastating power of the final few minutes of the Titanic mixed with the ending of Marley & Me, yes we’re talking that type of tearjerking, and today is no different with Hurt Again leaving us in a puddle of our own sorrow after one listen. With the gravitas of her authentic lyrical storytelling, Rossi lets the break down of her relationship become a relatable experience, allowing us all to insert ourselves into the narrative and become part of the track. Her captivating, emotionally majestic vocal is the centre piece of the whole affair, going from belting highs that captures the devastation this heartbreak has brought her before transitioning to softer moments that let the heartfelt lyrics ruminate in your head like your past lovers often do. The soundscape comprised of a live orchestral assembly and impactful piano chords elevates this emotion to new heights, making the entire piece a passionate display of enticing emotion that requires you to have tissues beside you at all times. The deep pain that comes with the struggles of love has never been such a joy to listen to.

Jillian Rossi is pop royalty in the making and has proven on multiple occasions that she can create music that rivals that in the charts. No doubt that this entry will continue her steady ascent to the top as her heartfelt lyrics leaving you reeling with the melancholy punch they deliver.

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