Shaolinn – Lie 4 Me


The rising musician Shaolinn’s soundscape is smorgasbord of expressive delights. Taking the quirky, unorthodox vocal arrangements of FKA Twigs, the boundless creative ingenuity of Tyler The Creator and rawness of old school Nickelback and mixing them together in a caster pot of swirling emotion to form a sonic landscape that is distinct as it mesmerising. She already made a splash in the music world early last year with the release of her OME mixed tape and since then she’s been harnessing her craft to allow her sonic music about love, loss and the genuine beauty behind human emotion to make message even more impactful. It should come as no surprise that her latest EP Blackstone was a rather special piece of music with each track having that extra bit of flair that allowed them to stand out from one another, reminiscent of Fousheé’s latest EP. However there was one track that struck me at my very core.

Lie 4 Me is all about knowing your worth. It’s her putting the middle finger up to her past relationships and saying how they weren’t worth her time, yes they might’ve done things for her but that doesn’t outweigh the amount of times they left her questioning herself and whether she was worthy to even be here. Unfiltered lyrics litter the ambient soundscape that gives her luxuriously smooth vocal a chance to gracefully glide across it all and caress our welcoming ears with the celestial timbre she delivers. Include a cinematic visual that perfectly captures the ambience of the track and it’s clear to see that Shaolinn should be the name on everybody’s lips right now.

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