Araya – Archon

Through a distorted soundscape of warped electronics and contorted cathartic vocal screams, Araya bares his soul as he confesses to his own issues with self esteem and desperate need to find something worth living for. Whilst most songs of this nature have minimalistic soundscapes to bring out the intimate nature of these thoughts Araya takes a different approach. In Archon he captures the cacophony like nature of these thoughts swirling around his head, from introspective verses artfully discussing these moments he builds up to a chaotic chorus that showcases the disarray these thoughts have left him in. It doesn’t stop there though, he soon reflects on his own queer identity and how he self consciously built up his bravado to conceal his own self-doubt and mental torment. You truly feel his pain as his anguished vocal oozes passion to create visceral experience for the introspective lyrics to build upon as ravenous electronics with glitch induced switch ups, explosive guitar riffs and a pulsating bassline create a titanic backing.

This is gargantuan track that could fill arenas with the seismic quality of the production and a herculean vocal to match. When you combine all that with a stunning cinematic visual, directed by Nolan Zargas, that is just as mesmerising as the track itself and you’ll soon realise Araya is someone who is impossible to ignore.

Araya ยท Archon

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