dylxn – Favourite Colours

One of the highlights of the musical calendar this year for me has been the emergence of the Milwaukee artist dylxn. His debut single Nothing At All hooked me from the get go, giving flashbacks to the early years of EDEN unveiling acoustic driven numbers with electronic flourishes that set the music world alight, he had me on tenterhooks and full prepared to make a stan account in his honour. His hypnotic timbre brought us into his emotionally inclined world as every lyric weaved in and out from one another to form a heart-wrenching narrative that would soundtrack countless late night crying sessions. I’d akin his sound to the type of music you’d hear at the end of a CW show during the late 2010’s, filled with passion, jam-packed with emotional torment and a ready made hit the making. As said, he’s been one of the highlights of my musical calendar this year and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop impressing me anytime soon.

Taking the form of a rousing ballad amidst a tender soundscape of lullaby styled guitar melodies and electronically melancholy beats, Favourite Colours is a wake up call for everyone who hasn’t been putting in the work into their relationship. Some people have this epiphany when they see their partner enamoured by how someone else treats their loved ones, but for dylxn it was all thanks to his partner walking into a room in their favourite colours. Everything clicked together and he worked his butt off to make sure he’d never lose this person he cared about more than the world itself. Vocally outstanding, there isn’t a second that goes by where I’m not enraptured by his passionate storytelling. Every note brings you deeper into his headspace, making every word he sings feel all the more raw and real til you’ve fallen head over heels for him yourself. A stellar sophomore single.

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