ROZET – Cakeface

Inspired by renaissance creators such as Childish Gambino and Tyler the Creator, the Miami born and Texas based artist ROZET is leaping and bounding into the unknown to create a sonic experience that is distinct and solely her own. She’s a jack of all trades and a master of some, being able to song write, sing, direct, creatively design, act and even dance, all of which she channels into her artistry where her core passion of music resides. Continuously mesmerising with her dreamy brand of alternative R&B, her interwoven stories will leave you speechless her honeyed vocal melts across a spellbinding soundscape as she lights a fire within your that burns brighter than fabulous roman candles exploding across the nights sky. Her talent is second to none and she continues to leave me under her sonic spell with her latest release Cakeface.

Through an immersive production of mesmerising choral chants and hypnotic guitar licks, she pulls you into her world as she throws out the rulebook and defines her own sound in glorious fashion. Her vocal is spellbinding, she stands out with her distinct tone and commanding performance that oozes high class confidence unlike any artist around right now. However it’s the lyrics that I couldn’t get enough of, each word adds more depth to her striking depictions and she artfully paints a picture for you that, by the time the track ends, you’ll soon be comparing her as the musical version of Vincent Van Gogh. Finding the ecstatic beauty of life within her own pain and allowing others to find that too through her sonic brilliance.

Must Read