Justus Bennetts – Bad Day

If you’ve been on Tik Tok as of late then you’ll damn well know how Justus Bennetts is popping off right now. The 21 year old put out a small snippet of his track Bad Day and everyone ate it up, countless videos were created using the sound and after one listen to the track, it’s easy to see why. Unleashing high amount of visceral emotion that we wish we could’ve said to the villains of our story, be it an dishonest ex, terrible boss, heartless friend or some tosser who knocks us over on the way to work, Bad Day is a cathartic place to release that pent up aggression. When this guy goes on tour you know that the crowd is going to be electric when this comes on, thousands of people chanting back every word and recording instagram stories whilst tagging the person they’re belting out about. It’s going to be beautifully chaotic and I honestly cannot wait for it.

Bennetts vocal captures the sentiment of the track perfectly. Going from a vibe filled verse with his personality shining through as he articulate weaves the beginning of this narrative, all before launching into the volatile chorus that see him wish this person all the misfortunes in life they could possibly experience. The production is simple but effective, allowing the lyrics to do the talking and lets you vent all your frustrations out in the same way you would to your friends after a messy break up. Justus Bennetts is ready to blow up and if this becomes his runaway hit you should hop on the hype train right now!

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