Charlie Powers – Alone With Myself

It’s rare that I find myself so emotionally connected to a song that I lose myself within the music, where every lyrics strikes a nerve and pierces the very core of my being until I’m reeling from the emotional devastation that I’ve bared witness to. Charlie Powers has always had a talent for crafting personal lyrics, making it feel like you’re sat at a bar together as he pours his heart out to you, allowing you to become a part of his ardent narrative, and he’s raised that ability to a whole new level today. Alone With Myself leaves a lot of the finer details up to the imagination of the listener. The hazy lyrics slowly weave their way into your psyche, connecting the dots to relate each poetic musing to your own life and the struggles you’ve gone through with loneliness. Feeling alone on a regular basis, even when you’re surrounded by the people you love, the great moments suddenly turn into somber affairs thanks to how your head is wired, leaving friends and family wondering if they’re at fault. He shows the darkness whilst pulling back the curtains to let the light in, apologising to those he made feel this way and thanking them for being by his side.

The soundscape evokes a powerful display of heart-wrenching emotion with his vocal being at the centre of it all. Every note Powers utters is drenched in passion, every word he croons packs an almighty punch that rivals that of Mike Tyson and it all builds to a euphonic climax. The array of atmospheric synths set the mood perfectly, replicating the pounding motion you’d feel in your head during these moments of isolation, as the tender guitar plucking pattern brings you into the intimate headspace. All this amalgamates together for an end that will leave you speechless. I’ve forgotten how it feels to have my head over my heels for a song in this manner before. Charlie Powers, he makes you feel less alone in an isolated world.

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