morgen – 3D


Trapped between screens during the pandemic, the 17 year old musician morgen yearned for the 2D world we’ve all slowly become accustomed to, where we feel so alienated by everything happening the consistent zoom calls, to go back to, as she puts it, the 3D world. Wanting to go back to real life connections, instead of ones where the wi-fi can cut out, she croons about the woes she’s experienced during the pandemic. Going from her watching way too many TV shows and not being able to hug her family to planning on breaking out of her ivory tower and break the locks on her friend’s houses just to see them again. Through the array of flourishing electronics, reminiscent of classic video game soundtracks, she captures the digital age we’re living through before a distinct pop punk edge arrives during the chorus, adding that human touch of what she hopes we’ll one day go back to. The angsty vocals offers a new layer of authenticity, allowing her relatable musings to give you a cathartic moment where you can unleash your pent up emotions into the world. Isolated by everything around her, morgen’s lets us know that this alienating feeling will only be temporary and we might as well make the most of our time alone whilst we can.

There’s nothing too sweet about being a teenager right now, but morgen’s not letting that stop her. Leaning into the unconventional and not being afraid to let her inner creative monster free, she’s an ever changing artist and will only continue to expand her sonic horizons as the years go on.

morgen ยท 3D

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