Kai Neptune – 4EVR


Over the past few years, a lot of artists have been going into the Christian music genre and reinventing it. Moving away from the traditional sound and usual stigma that revolves around the genre and instead removing the barriers that kept them trapped in one lane and venturing off into new territories with their music still coming from the same spiritual place. That’s what Kai Neptune wanted to create, a way of stopping people from boxing in religious music whilst simultaneously stopping the genre from boxing out non-religious listeners. He accumulates all this together in his debut album 4EVR, creating something for everyone, no matter what their belief, as well as being his own personal diary for his journey up to this point. A rather unique and unorthodox concept that he’s managed to smash out of the park is celestial fashion.

The title track of the album remains a highlight for me. Giving off early 2000’s R&B vibes with a toro y moi twist, Neptune croons his poignant lyrics with his expressive cadence making you feel as if you’re soaring through the air. The impassioned performance of his autobiographical lyrics dances around his emotionally evocative soundscape as the silky smooth tone soars up into the clouds to deliver a halcyon finish. This divine track is only a taste of Kai Neptune’s emotionally intuitive sound, be sure to dive into the entire project to witness the greatness for yourself!

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