If you’ve dived head first into Tyler, The Creator’s latest album CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, like the majority of music fans, then chances are you’ve already heard the luscious tones of DAISY WORLD’s raw vocal talent. Whilst she’s currently most associated with the track RISE, she’s been working in the industry for a long time, being the band DAISY and having been a frequent collaborator with the likes of The Internet’s Steve Lacy, Matt Martians and Patrick Paige II. Today however she steps out by herself into the spotlight with a jaw-dropping dual debut release that highlights her stellar songwriting talent with poetic lyrics that paint a vivid picture in your mind and her passionate vocal prowess that brings her jazz powered narrative to life.

The first single SUNDOWN tackles every human emotion that comes with an all consuming love that arrived at the wrong time. Anger, sadness, frustration, longing, it’s all artfully woven together within her sonic tapestry to give us a lesson in love that turns her vulnerability into a strength. The production slowly creeps up on you, growing like a fire with little sparks and crackles of euphonic brilliance capturing your attention before reaching a grand Jazz thrill ride of a finale, only to bring us back down to the tender emotion that’ll leave you speechless as a result. A soul-stirring number that is a work of art by itself, let alone when it’s tied with the following single.

SIX TWO, this short and sweet track is something that gives La La Land a run for its money with heartwrenchingly beautiful Jazz. One note and her deep soul shines through with a breathtaking display of passionate emotion that sets her apart from her peers. It’s a cathartic track that you’d play in the background late at night to soundtrack your crying sessions with a box of tissues right beside you. Relatable, raw and real, this is what an authentic songwriter like her brings to the table. She is truly a one of a kind artist who’s ready to make her mark.

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