In just under three minutes HARRY WAS HERE has captured the utter hatred we’ve all had for a job, at one time or another, where all we’ve wanted to do is quit, leave and go off to greener pastures. That’s not all Hands Tied goes through though, it openly dissects that feeling of being stagnant, the world around you is moving at 100mph and you’re stuck in the same position, feeling utterly depressed about the result. From the lyrics to the music video, he has found the anger, discontent, sadness and frustration this period of our lives can be, put into a bottle and channelled into a song that both the young and old will find themselves within.

Hard rock guitars give off an early 2000’s pop punk sound, the music video does this too with it feeling like a more modern take on MCR’s I’m Not Okay, as his angst filled vocals encourage you to scream at the top of your lungs to let this vilified hatred out. If you’re struggling with where you are in life right now and need some release, then blast this out and unleash your emotions in a glorious explosion of animosity.

Must Read