Elissa Mielke – Palace


There are no bells and whistles surrounding Elissa Mielke’s music, instead she focuses on intimate stories regarding the human condition that allows us to project ourselves into her narratives as if it was written solely for us. Her alternative pop style mixed with folk and country undertones makes the Canadian songstresses voice blossom, whether it be quiet times that bring out the introspective beauty of her poetry like lyrics or the moments of grandeur where her vocal takes flight, she always sounds heavenly. Her debut EP Finally makes sure to highlight all of this with her voice being a vessel that takes us on a voyage to her world with one track being the place we want to make home.

Palace is a brutally raw and honest number that is best described as an emotional triumph with the unwavering vulnerability she carries that makes an instant connection through the monumental lyrical moments she crafts throughout. Her candidness mimics the likes of Jeff Buckley with the emotional weight she carries as her sonic musings weave a spellbinding narrative that invites you into her intimate world of heartfelt melodies and radiating vocal talent. Elissa Mielke is the queen of tearjerkers and this is going to have me crying into my pillow for weeks on end.

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