Mazey Haze – Sad Lonely Groove


If your artist name is, arguably, a riff on renowned dream-pop band Mazzy Star (whether or not this is true has yet to be seen), then you better be prepared to deliver a full-on reverie. And that’s exactly what Mazey Haze, aka Nadine Appeldoorn, does on her debut single. With a bass line sticky and steady as summer sweat (just in time for the heat wave near you!) and shag rug-fuzzy synths, Appeldoorn creates, as the title suggests, a “Sad Lonely Groove” of breezy, sauntering disco. It’s the soundtrack for the next time you stare up towards the sun, trying to find the shape of your missing lover in the clouds—wide, open-air yearning: “I trust myself but I can’t help myself, ‘cause I miss you.” Appledoorn’s voice reaches out to close the distance between herself and her SO, as if each wish were skywritten with puffy, white letters: lingering, fading, but indelible.

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