Judah Just Kidding – One of a Kind


Judah Just Kidding (Judah John Kubendran) creates music that belongs in the credits of a late 2000’s coming of age movie, which makes sense when you see how his journey into music sounds like a cinematic juggernaut. Dreaming of being a footballer throughout his childhood until his parents signed him up to a music program, where he met the future indie pop star Boy Pablo, that saw his career direction take an entirely new route. Throw in a disapproving coach who tells him he has bags of potential and a battle of the bands gig and you’ve got yourself the next Netflix viral sensation. Jokes a side, this artist produces music that will soundtrack any summer beach party with the blithe atmosphere he crafts and uplifting aura surrounding his sound.

He just dropped his debut EP rocker boy which is filled to the brim with enticing bedroom pop tracks, but it was One of a Kind that has me smiling ear to ear like a Cheshire cat and feeling utterly refreshed. The charming number is beautifully bliss with his lovelorn musings carrying a whimsical nostalgia to them with the saccharine tale he weaves together being as sentimental as it is endearing. It’s the type of idyllic song you’d play on your first date to make the atmosphere all the more sweet and loved up. You’re gonna need to get a filling after this song finishes playing because it’s as sweet as can be.

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