KaiFromSplash – Breathe Again

KaiFromSplash is a 16 year old game designer based in New York City who got her start in music thanks to Roblox, yes whilst Kai might not be the biggest name around, in Roblox they’ve had live performances attended by over 100,000 players. She’s regularly been raising the bar in the gaming world music wise, helping young people get involved in the creative process, which has lead to countless artists emerging from the site, and developed a cult like following for her highly anticipated live shows. Now, with the love and support of the community, she’s taking her first steps to becoming a virtual pop legend, watch out Hatsune Miku, with the unveiling of her debut single Breathe Again.

The flourishing soundscape of blossoming video game styled synths buoyantly bouncing around under the electronically enhanced vocal to create an uplifting yet emotionally intuitive atmosphere, highlighting the lyrics in the process. Her dreamily toned brand of hyper pop sees her digital presence translate into the real world as she effortlessly transcends from being a virtual pop star into a fully fledged artist. KaiFromSplash is ready to make waves in the modern music landscape.

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