Matilda Cole – Milk Teeth

Ever since her debut single Matilda Cole has been a regular on our site due to her wistful sound and diary like lyrics often striking a chord with us over the changes that come through leaving adolescence whilst forming an emotional bond that has been near impossible to break. Each track she’s dropped has been a home run, she smashes tracks out of the park like a prime Babe Ruth and has left fans across the globe enamoured by her majestically nostalgic soundscape that snapshots moments of our youth and eloquently weaves it into song form. In a coming of age movie her music would fit into what happens after the credits, the stories might look like they’ve been resolved on screen but, as she discovered, there’s more to come that makes the issues in the first movie seem a lot less big in comparison.

Her debut EP Milk Teeth features the much loved classic like her debut single The Clouds, which still features on my heavy rotation playlist, and the emotional number Stay Awake that’ll resonate with you after a mere thirty seconds. But there’s a new track in the mix too with Bruised Knuckles being like a modern teen love angst track, featuring a raw guitar riff that contrasts the elegant beauty of Cole’s vocal with the vivid lyrical imagery only adding to the punchy nature of the affair. Matilda Cole has always described her music as the soundtrack to teenage oblivion and this EP will undoubtably become the soundtrack for many coming of age tales to come.

“i wrote milk teeth as a way of coping with the changes in my life over the past two years. i turned eighteen in a completely different way to what i imagined, and the transition into adulthood was a lot less smooth than it should’ve been. each song is a snapshot of a moment of the past five years, and in a way an attempt to keep those memories forever. these are some of the first songs i ever wrote, and i’m so glad i finally get to share them!!”

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