Alva Ravn – Hindsight

Ever since her debut back in 2019, Norwegian musician Alva Ravn has always looked like she could be the biggest thing to come out of Scandinavia’s pop scene since the world renowned Zara Larsson. Whilst most people tackle the pop genre with a sense of hope and optimism with a shimmering edge over the top of it, Alva goes down a more ominous route with her possessing this haunting edge with a magnetic quality that is utterly hypnotic. Growing up in Oslo, she was introduced to a variety of musical influences, ranging from indie rock to gospel soul, but it was the thriving underground scene the city offered that she fell for and soon began to apply their sonic experimentations to her sound. This resulted in something rather spellbinding as we can see with her recent project.

The hypnotic production of Hindsight brings you into the gloomy atmospheric world she’s crafted with her ethereal vocal gliding like a celestial being above it all, forming a textured cinematic soundscape that’s sort of like if M83 collaborated with Billie Eilish. Her icy tone pierces through the ominous swirl of brooding beats to usher people in this fascinating world where her poetically poignant lyrics become our narrator, filling us in on every detail that we might’ve missed as the story unfurls. Alva Ravn is an unfiltered voice in the pop scene who demands to be heard.

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